"Iwasaki's System of Reconstructing Japanese (ISReJP)" is a conlang which a language researcher Junichi Iwasaki has contrived and produced for his research of mental disorders. Although there are many conlangs all over the world, ISReJP is used in a very closed community. It must be unique in that it was produced as an artistic language (artlang) in order to assist individuals and groups other than himself. In addition, it must be also similar to a programming language in that its grammar is composed in methods of logic and semiology, therefore, it is theoretically possible to implement it in the computers which persons with mental disorders use.
 However, be that as it may, it is different from every other conlang in that, as an ever reality-oriented conlang, it intends to describe the uncomfortable feelings of persons with mental disorders toward the contemporary Japanese language and society, and that the description as a program is a subsidiary objective.
 In ISReJP, the mentality and the emotion of humans transform the framework itself of part of speech and tense, which realize this language, by means of incorporating the nature of the egos of persons with mental disorders into the structure of nominative.
 Iwasaki has a profound contemplation on persons with language disorders in combination with dissociative disorders or schizophrenia and persons with a extreme dread of linguistic expression, and is creating ISReJP as one of deeds of thinking what it means that "humans exchange parols" and "humans communicate something to others". In addition, Iwasaki himself has the consciousness that his deed is an artistic expression.

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